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Research in the group is highly interdisciplinary involving materials science aspects (synthesis, device assembly and characterization) and physical chemistry (developing methods in NMR and DNP).

Positions are available for:

(1) MSc and PhD students:

  • Structure-function studies of electrode and electrolyte materials (for energy storage and conversion) and their interface by solid state NMR and MAS-DNP. 
  • Method development for high sensitivity NMR via endogenous MAS-DNP. 
  • Probing ion transport properties in solids and across interfaces by new NMR approaches.

(2) Postdoctoral fellows:

  • Method developmet for MAS-DNP and solid state NMR (background in solid state NMR and/or DNP is required). 
  • Synthesis of new electrode and electrolyte materials (background in solid state chemistry: synthesis and charachterization is required). 


To apply please send a cover letter describing your research interests, CV and list of publications to Dr. Michal Leskes