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2018 Lee A. Segel Prize Ceremony

Event Description

It is a pleasure to announce that this year's winner of the "Lee A. Segel Prize in Theoretical Biology" is

Miri Lavi Adler (a student of Uri Alon),

from the Department of Molecular Cell Biology in the Faculty of Biology.

Congratulations Miri, keep up the good work.

Special thanks to the prize committee members for their efforts.

The ceremony will take place on Monday, February 19, at 15:00, in the lobby of the Ziskind building

(together with the 2018 Even Prize ceremony).


A quotation from the prize citation:

"Miri’s research significantly advanced our understanding biological circuits. She focused on circuits at two different levels: How cells detect relative changes in input, and communication between cells across tissues. Until recently, it was thought that cells detect absolute changes in biological signals in order to respond to the environment. Miri showed how cells can detect relative changes in input rather than absolute changes. This fold-change detection property provides cells with exquisite ability to sense across many scales of signal. Miri arrived at this result using analytical tools, and symmetry and conservation law considerations. She showed that only a few of the ~million circuit designs are optimal for speed and response amplitude. Among these few optimal circuits are the two circuits actually found in cells. Her work provides a first-principles explanation for why only a few circuit designs recur in diverse contexts from bacteria to human cells."


Lobby of the Ziskind Building
February 19, 2018
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