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2018 Shimon Even Prize Ceremony

Event Description

It is a pleasure to announce that this year's winner of the "Shimon Even Prize in Theoretical Computer Science" is

Eylon Yogev (a student of Moni Naor).

Congratulations Eylon, keep up the good work.

Special thanks to the prize committee members for their efforts.

The ceremony will take place on Monday, February 19, at 15:00, in the lobby of the Ziskind building (together with the 2018 Segel Prize ceremony).

The prize citation:

"Eylon Yogev has made important contributions to our understanding of the class TFNP, the class of search problems for which a solution is guaranteed to exist. In his work he uses cryptographic techniques to demonstrate hardness of classical problems. Among his many works he has showed how to base average case hardness of TFNP on the average case hardness of NP (in contrast: there are known obstacles to proving such a result in the worst case setting). In another very interesting work he explored important differences between white box and black box complexity of search problems. Eylon’s research demonstrates great command of his research areas, together with an original and insightful point of view. For his achievements and for his creativity and depth of insight he is awarded the Shimon Even Prize in Theoretical Computer Science."

Lobby of the Ziskind Building
February 19, 2018
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