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2020 Lee A. Segel Prize announcement [14:30]

Event Description

It is a pleasure to announce that this year's co-winners of the "Lee A. Segel Prize in Theoretical Biology" are

Omer Karan (a student of Uri Alon),

from the Department of Molecular Cell Biology

in the Faculty of Biology


Michaelangelo Naim (a student of Misha Tsodyks)

from the Department of Neurobiology

in the Faculty of Biology


The prize citations appear below.


Special thanks to the prize committee members for their efforts.


The ceremony will take place on Monday, February 17, at 14:30, in the lobby of the Ziskind building.



A quotation from the prize citations:


“Omer studied how hormone circuits work precisely despite unavoidable variation in the parameters of the tissues that they control. Since hormones are secreted into the blood stream and work on distant tissues, it is crucial that they can work precisely despite large variations in the parameters of those distant tissues. Omer used ordinary differential equations and identified a minimal number of variables that explained this preciseness and derived a solution that is clinically important, widely generalizable, and mathematically elegant.


Naim developed mathematical models of human memory and validated them by performing memory experiments on human subjects. He extended the phenomenological model of memory recall and derived mathematical models that correctly predicted that people who recall words in a more structured way, end up recalling more words in total. His results are important, as they indicate that human memory is ‘designed’ for structured information, and people who utilize structure better have better recall”.

In the Lobby of Ziskind Building
February 17, 2020
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