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  • Reading e-mail from anywhere, using a browser:

Structural Bioinformatics & Computational Biophysics
Choose server: math-imap
Use unix userid and password.
Can be used everywhere. No need for SecureID. No need to define incoming or outgoing mail servers.
Folders are saved in the Unix home directory in the mail directory.
This is compatible with Pine.

  • Reading e-mail from Unix/Linux, using a command line:

    1. Pine

      All Unix/Linux machines have pine. You can view attachements with pine only if their format is recognized by Unix.
      In order to use pine from outside WIS you need a SecureID.
      A telnet window is OK.

    2. Thunderbird 

      You can learn about Thunderbird in:
      Introduction to Thunderbird
      incoming mail server:
      outgoing mail server:
      You can use ONLY if you are on Weizmann's net.
      It is VERY important to use ONLY one mailer at the same time, otherwise
      the Inbox can be destroyed. Do not leave a mailer open.

      1. Using the web browser (inside/outside the Weizmann Institute)

        The website address is:
        The following screen opens:
        Type your Unix user ID and password, and then change the combo-box of LOGIN TO to MATH-IMAP server (shown above in the red circle).
        Click on the Login button.

      2. Using Thunderbird (inside the Weizmann Institute)

        How to set Thunderbird:
        Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5 for Windows
        Thunderbird may be freely downloaded from Mozilla Home page

  • E-mail Account Setup Guide

    1. Open Thunderbird and click "Tools" on the menu bar, then select "Account Settings."
    2. In the "Account Settings" window, click on "Add Account"
    3. When the "Account Wizard" window opens, select the "E-mail account" option, then click "Next".
    4. Fill-in the requested values for "Your Name:" (the name you want to be displayed on all e-mails you send) and "E-mail Address:", then click "Next".
    5. In the "Server Information" window, click the circle next to "IMAP". In the "Incoming Server" field enter , In the "Outgoing Server" field enter , click "Next".