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Previous Amir Pnueli Memorial Lectures


Lecture by: Thomas A. Henzinger
Lecture title: Amir Pnueli Memorial Lecture
November 18, 2014


Lecture by: Prof. Shafi Goldwasser (Weizmann & MIT), Prof. Silvio Micali (MIT)
Lecture title: The Amir Pnueli Memorial Lectures Session
December 10, 2013


Lecture by: Prof. Michael O. Rabin
Lecture title: Miracles of Cryptography and Secrecy Preserving Conduct of Secure Auctions
December 20, 2012


Lecture by: Prof. Moshe Y. Vardi
Lecture title: Amir Pnueli: Ahead of His Time
December 04, 2011


Lecture by: Prof. Grzegorz Rozenberg
Lecture title: A Formal Framework for Processes Inspired by Biochemistry
November 24, 2010