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Previous Distinguished Lecturer Seriess


Lecture by: Jean-Francois Le Gall
Lecture title: Brownian geometry on the sphere
May 29, 2019


Lecture by: Allen Tannenbaum
Lecture title: Optimal Mass Transport and the Robustness of Complex Networks
December 26, 2017
Lecture by: Walter Strauss
Lecture title: Steady Water Waves
December 26, 2017
Lecture by: Prof. Yakov Pesin, Penn State University
Lecture title: The Dynamical System Approach to Coupled Map Lattices
November 14, 2017


Lecture by: Lai-Sang Young
Lecture title: Measuring dynamical complexity
March 04, 2016


Lecture by: Boaz Barak, Irit Dinur, Johan Hastad, Salil Vadhan, Shafi Goldwasser, Silvio Micali
Lecture title: Weizmann Distinguished Lectures Day
December 10, 2013
Lecture by: Yakov Pesin
Lecture title: The Theory of Chaos: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
February 19, 2013
Lecture by: Professor Ben Shneiderman
Lecture title: Distinguished Lecturer Series
February 05, 2013


Lecture by: Constantine Dafermos, Srinivasa Varadhan
Lecture title: Distinguished Lecturer Series- Special Event
October 30, 2010


Lecture by: Professor Leslie Valiant
Lecture title: When Biology is Computation
November 09, 2008
Lecture by: Professor Pierre Deligne
Lecture title: Alternating Euler sums
June 01, 2008
Lecture by: Professor Michael O. Rabin
Lecture title: Practically efficient zero knowledge proofs of correctness of computations, and financial cryptography
May 11, 2008


Lecture by: Professor Haim Brezis
Lecture title: Can you hear the degree of a map from the circle into itself? An intriguing story which is not yet finished
January 23, 2007


Lecture by: Professor Ehud Kalai
Lecture title: Structural robustness of large games
December 25, 2006
Lecture by: Professor Philip Holmes
Lecture title: Optimal decisions in the brain? From neural oscillators to stochastic differential equations
June 06, 2006


Lecture by: Professor Yannis G. Kevrekidis
Lecture title: Equation-free Modeling for Complex/Multiscale Systems
June 14, 2005
Lecture by: Professor Sergey Novikov
Lecture title: Topology of the Generic Hamiltonian Systems on the Riemann Surfaces
May 24, 2005
Lecture by: Professor Victor Kac
Lecture title: What is a Vertex Algebra and Why
January 18, 2005


Lecture by: Professor Ariel Rubinstein
Lecture title: Introduction to Economics of the Jungle
November 09, 2004
Lecture by: Professor David Mumford
Lecture title: Mathematical Approaches to Optimal Deformations Between Planar Shapes
June 01, 2004
Lecture by: Professor Moshe Vardi
Lecture title: And Logic Begat Computer Science: When Giants Roamed the Earth
May 24, 2004
Lecture by:
Lecture title: What is Ergodic Ramsey Theory?
March 29, 2004