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The faculty Start of Year Event 2017

Event Description

The faculty Start of Year Event, dedicated this year to honoring Raanan Michael upon his retirement.

 The  Event will take place on October 26, at 18:30 , at the Wolfsom House 

Registration is opened until 19.10.2017


•18:30   Welcome reception

•19:00   Lecture by S. Ullman
           “The age of intelligent machines” (lecture in hebrew)

•20:00   Dinner

•21:00   Desserts

•21:30   A few words by Raanan

Wolfson House
October 26, 2017

Pre-SAAC Symposium on New Challenges in Computer Science

Jacob Ziskind Building, Lecture room 1
October 29, 2017

The National Mathematical Olympiad in memory of Prof. Joseph Gillis

Event Description

    אולימפיאדת המתמטיקה הארצית לנוער על שם יוסף גיליס לשנת תשע"ח

    תתקיים בתאריך 31.12.2017, יום א', בשעות 10:30-16:00  במכון ויצמן למדע.

December 31, 2017