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Upcoming Seminars

TuesdayMar 03, 202011:15
Algebraic Geometry and Representation Theory SeminarRoom 155
Speaker:Maria GorelikTitle:Multiplicities for DS(L) in osp-type.Abstract:opens in new windowin html    pdfopens in new window

The Dulfo-Serganova functor  is a cohomology functor relating representation theory of Lie superalgebras of different ranks. 
This is a tensor functor preserving superdimension. 
Serganova conjectured that the image of a finite-dimensional simple module L under Duflo-Serganova functor is semisimple. Heidersdorf and Weissauer established this conjecture for gl-case and described DS(L). In my previous talk  I sketched a proof of semsimplicity for  osp-type. In this talk I will explain how to compute the mulitplicites in DS(L).
This is a joint project with Thorsten Heidersdorf.  

ThursdayMar 26, 202012:15
Vision and Robotics SeminarRoom 1
Speaker:Yuval Atzmon Title:TBAAbstract:opens in new windowin html    pdfopens in new window