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Upcoming Seminars

WednesdayFeb 02, 202217:00
Algebraic Geometry and Representation Theory Seminar
Speaker:Hongjie Yu Title:Number of irreducible representations in the cuspidal automorphic spectrumAbstract:opens in new windowin html    pdfopens in new windowSeminar in zoom only:

Let G be a reductive group defined and deployed over a global function field. We are interested in the sum of multiplicities of irreducible representations containing a regular depth zero representation of G(O), where O is the ring of integral adeles, in the automorphic cuspidal spectrum. The sum is given in terms of the number of F_q-points of Hitchin moduli spaces of groups associated to G. When G=GL(n), it implies some cases of a conjecture of Deligne by Langlands correspondence. In this talk, I will mainly focus on the case of GL(n).

Seminar in zoom only:

ThursdayApr 07, 202212:15
Vision and AIRoom 1
Speaker:Rita Schmidt Title:tbdAbstract:opens in new windowin html    pdfopens in new window