Design principles of biological circuits

  • Adler M; Szekely P; Mayo A; Alon U
    Optimal Regulatory Circuit Topologies For Fold-Change Detection
    Cell Systems , (2017) [PDF]
    • Out of a million possible circuits, only very few show optimal fold change detection - possibly explaining why only a few circuit designs recur across biology.
    • Cell Systems preview
  • Towbin BD; Korem Y; Bren A; Doron S; Sorek R; Alon U;
    Optimality and Sub-Optimality in a Bacterial Growth Law
    Nature Communications , (2017) [PDF]

    Bacteria use a rule of thumb to optimize growth rate, which often works but sometimes fails

  • Omer Karin, Uri Alon
    Biphasic Response as a Mechanism Against Mutant Takeover in Tissue Homeostasis Circuits
    Molecular Systems Biology , (2017) [PDF]

    Biphasic control, where a signal is toxic at both high and low levels, eliminates mis-sensing mutants at the cost of decreased resilience to dynamic perturbations, with implications for different diseases.

  • Karin O; Swisa A; Glaser B; Dor Y; Alon U;
    Dynamical Compensation in Physiological Circuits
    Molecular Systems Biology , (2016) [PDF]

    Dynamical compensation provides robustness of the entire output trace robust to variation in key parameters and appears in endocrine and neuronal circuits

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    Commentary by Daniel Schultz and Roy Kishony

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    • Nature Reviews Genetics : [PDF]
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    See also JCB news:  [PDF]

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