mDraw Gallery

In this gallery you can view some of the layouts produced by mDraw. click on picture to see large picture.


E. coli (ecocyc) transcription where 'crp' node is splited into 3 nodes E. coli1transcription network with Feedforward loop motif



C. elegans synaptic neuronal networks (th=0) random layout C. elegans synaptic neuronal networks (th=0) MinLa layout



seaUrchin dev transcription network, motif Id 46 drawn in red, motif Id 108 drawn in purple. yeast1 3transcription network (number of layers =10)



C. elegans synaptic neuronal networks (th=5) with Feedforward loop motif drawn in green and Bi-Fan motif drawn in pink

Human signal transduction network with Bi-Fan motif


Electronic circuit (Digital Multiplier) with 838 nodes (gates) with 3-node feedback drawn in red and 4-node feedback drawn in green

Electronic circuit with 9238 nodes (gates) with FeedForward loop drawn in red and Bi-Fans drawn in blue.