Tzahor Lab

About us

Our lab forms a bridge between developmental biology and regenerative medicine aiming to develop novel approaches for mammalian heart regeneration

Selected Publications

Bassat, E; Mutlak, YE; Genzelinakh, A; Shadrin, IY; Baruch, KU; Yifa, O; Kain, D; Rajchman, D; Leach, J; Bassat, RD; Udi, Y; Sarig, R; Sagi, I; Martin, JF; Bursac, N; Cohen, S; Tzahor, E; (2017). The extracellular matrix protein agrin promotes heart regeneration in mice.  NATURE . 2017, 547 :179–184 .
Tzahor, E; Poss, K (2017). Cardiac regeneration strategies: Staying young at heart..  SCIENCE. 2017, 356 (6342):1035-1039.