Computational genetics of neurodegeneration

Non- protein coding regions, which encompass 97% of the human genome are overlooked by traditional human genetics association studies. We are members of  Project MinE, the biggest ALS sequencing consortium. (i) We focus our efforts on developing methods to explore non-protein coding mechanisms. (ii) We develop computational methods for understanding the heritability and predicting the risk of developing ALS, based on whole-genome sequencing data. (iii)  In a related project, we develop disease biomarkers by different data sets, including next-generation sequencing of cell-free RNA from patient biofluids.



Collaborators: Jan Veldink and Project MinE ALS sequencing consortium (UMC Utrecht); Ammar Al-Chalabi (King's college); Bob H. Brown Jr.; John Landers (UMASS med.); Tsvia Olander, Elad Barkan, Eran Segal (weizmann Institute of Science); Tim Miller (WUSM); Matt Harms (GTAC); John Cooper-Knock, Dame Pamela J Shaw (University of Sheffield); Linda Greensmith, Pietro Fratta Sobell Department of Neuromuscular Diseases (UCL); Andrea Malaspina, (QMUL).