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Our Lab

Our lab is studying programmed cell death, a fundamental process in cell biology, by proceeding from single gene studies towards global network analysis.  Our initial point of entry into the complex signaling network that regulates and executes the various programmed cell death modules (apoptosis, autophagy and programmed necrosis) are the DAPs  (Death Associated Proteins). This group of pro-death proteins  was discovered in our laboratory by performing genetic screens in mammalian cell cultures.  We currently employ multiple approaches, including biochemistry and cell biology, proteomics-based strategies, 3D protein structure analysis, and advanced microscopy to elucidate the functions of the individual DAPs, and to map their positions within the cell death network. In parallel we are developing systems level approaches based on RNAi-mediated combinatorial perturbations for identifying new principles delineating the structure/function organization of the entire molecular network underlying cell death.