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Human Neuronal Migration Genes: Understanding the Development of Cortical Structure through Analysis of Genes Involved in Lissencephaly

Cortical lamination in humans occurs over months of prenatal development. The final proper layer formation relies on an intricate balance between events of cell cycle, proliferation, neuronal path finding, migration and others. The lissencephaly syndromes in humans involve abnormal cortical lamination and are medically categorized as neuronal migration defects.

The work in our laboratory is focused on genes involved in lissencephaly. The first lissencephaly gene cloned was LIS1 , deletions or mutations in one allele of this gene are sufficient to cause lissencephaly type I. LIS1 is a multifunctional protein, found to interact with tubulin and to influence microtubules dynamics.

It has also been cloned independently as a noncatalytic subunit of platelet-activating factor acetylhydrolase (PAF-AH). An additional interaction described is with the mammalian homolog of NudC, a gene involved in nuclear migration pathway in Aspergillus nidulans . LIS1 expression during development as well as the brain phenotype in lissencephaly patients suggested a role in neuronal migration.

We have created a mouse model for lissencephaly through gene targeting of the murine LIS1 homolog. A second lissencephaly type I gene was identified and mapped to the X chromosome. This gene was cloned recently by two groups in the U.S.A. and France and dubbed doublecortin .

As a result of random X-inactivation, affected females heterozygous for the X-linked mutation show a milder phenotype with bilateral plates or bands of gray matter located beneath the cortex and ventricle but separated from both, hence the descriptive term double cortex, also known as subcortical laminar heterotopia. Doublecortin is highly expressed during brain development, however its function is as yet unknown.

In order to study the function of Doublecortin, we have used an overexpression approach in non-neuronal COS cells. Doublecortin was found to bind to the microtubule cytoskeleton. In vitro and in vivo assays demonstrate that Doublecortin stabilizes microtubules and causes bundling.

The results obtained in this study with Doublecortin and our previous work with LIS1 emphasize the central role of regulation of microtubule dynamics and stability during neuronal morphogenesis.


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