Ahissar Ehud

Neural mechanisms of adaptive perception

Arieli Amos

Barash Shabtai

Mind-Brain: Neurophysiology 

Chen Alon

Neurobiology of Stress 

Dudai Yadin

Learning and Memory

Grinvald Amiram

Seeing the brain in action

Kimchi Tali

Genes, Brain, and Sexually Dimorphic Behaviors 

Lampl Ilan

Processing of sensory information in the cerebral cortex

Meital Oren

Sexually dimorphic wiring patterns- from synapses to behavior

Paz Rony

Neural mechanisms of learning

Rita Schmidt

Imaging the human brain: ultra-high field MRI and new biomarkers

Rivlin Michal

Dynamic computations in the retina

Sagi Dov

From images to visual perception

Schneidman Elad

Neural computation, learning, and collective behavior

Schwartz Michal

Immunology of the mind in health and disease

Segal Menahem

Neuronal plasticity

Sobel Noam


Spiegel Ivo

Transciptional regulation of adaptive behavior

Tsodyks Michail

Models of brain function

Ulanovsky Nachum

Hippocampal neural activity in freely moving echolocating bats

Yizhar Ofer

Illuminating the Brain: Synaptic Organization in Neural Circuits

Ziv Yaniv

Neural coding of long-term memory