Elad Schneidman’s Lab
Weizmann Institute of Science   



Postdoc and graduate student positions in computational/theoretical neuroscience are available in the group of Dr. Elad Schneidman at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Areas of interest in the lab include neural coding, focusing on large populations of neurons, sensory processing, collective behavior and decision making, animal swarming, and human and machine learning [read more].

Postdoc candidates should have a proven record of self-motivated research; a PhD in physics, computer science, biology, mathematics, engineering or related area; excellent quantitative skills. The ideal candidate should be familiar with scientific programming.

Students (MSc and PhD) interested in theoretical work or combination of theory and experiments are encouraged to contact Dr. Schneidman. The ideal student would have a background in physics/computer science/math/engineering, with deep interest in neuroscience, or biology/cognitive sciences background with a taste for math.

Highly motivated applicants are encouraged to email a statement of interests and CV to elad.schneidman (at) weizmann.ac.il


We have several opening for rotations or small research projects in computational and theoretical neuroscience, machine learning, or behavioral study/psychophysics. These include: neural data analysis, machine learning analysis of natural images and/or language, psychophysics/behavioral studies of pattern learning and sensory processing. Students from the brain science program, physics, computer science, bioinformatics, or biology are welcome.

Open positions