SPINE Micro-batch Protein Crystallization

February 26th to March 1st, 2005
Rehovot, Israel
SPINE Workshop on Micro-batch Protein Crystallization

As part of the SPINE (Structural Proteomics in Europe) project, the Israel Structural Proteomics Center (ISPC) is offering a Hands-On workshop on the microbatch method for screening and optimization of protein crystals, using the Douglas Instrument Oryx 6 robot, on February 26th to March 1st 2005 at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, ISRAEL.
These robots employ the micro-batch method under oil, which is very rapid, and consumes only small amounts of both protein and reagents, making it suitable for high throughput crystallization experiments.
During the workshop participants will gain first hand experience on how to operate the robots, set up crystallization screening and optimization experiments, as well to use the XTRACK program for tracking the crystallization data (Harris & Jones (2002) Acta Cryst D58, 1889-91; http://xray.bmc.uu.se/xtrack/). The workshop will be limited to 16 participants.
Participants are encouraged to bring their own proteins to the workshop upon approval.


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