Science for All Unit

In an era in which scientific and technological knowledge is one of our valuable resources, the Davidson Institute's Science for All Unit seeks to foster scientific literacy among the general public of all ages. This area of activities is aimed at increasing public involvement in issues of science and technology, and bringing scientists and general public closer together.

Through various frameworks, the Unit attempts to create a direct dialogue between science and everyday life, where everyone can participate, ask questions, express opinions, and, of course, learn. Over 80,000 people annually attend the Unit's various activities, from kinder garden children to senior citizens and from all demographic background, religious, secular, Arab, Christian and Druze.

Science for All activities include popular lectures in science given by leading scientists from the Weizmann Institute, various  competitions, tournaments and olympiads, the Clore garden of Science, after-school science clubs, a “young researchers” program, national and international summer schools and camps, as well as online programs in Hebrew, Arabic, English and Spanish.The Unit also organizes the annual Science Festival, a yearly event of science and technology where visitors can enjoy various competitions, workshops, interesting observations, tours and diverse scientific demonstrations.

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