Beauty in Science

Sculpture on campusA beautiful environment inspires and stimulates creativity. That’s why the Weizmann Institute of Science invests great efforts in nurturing the work environment of the Institute scientists.

Gardens take up 380,000 sq m (94 acres) of the Institute grounds. They include 150,000 sq m (37 acres) of lawns with five types of grass, 180,000 sq m (44 acres) of some 750 kinds of shrubs and 30,000 sq m (7 acres) of orchards. Approximately 1,300 trees of 70 kinds grow on campus.

The Institute’s gardens, enjoyed by staff and visitors alike, instill calm and peace of mind. Scattered within them are environmental sculptures – some the work of top Israeli artists, others by foreign sculptors – while several Institute buildings are, in themselves, architectural gems. Even the scientists, in the course of regular research in their laboratories, generate scientific images of great aesthetic delight.

Beauty in ScienceBeauty in ScienceBeauty in ScienceBeauty in ScienceBeauty in Science


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