Faculty of Chemistry
Dean, Faculty of Chemistry
Professor Gilad Haran
Current Tenure:
From December 2012

Faculty Contact Details

Secretary to the Dean: Sarah Amzallag
Tel:  +972-8-934-6449
Fax:  +972-8-934-4123
Email: sarah.amzallag@weizmann.ac.il
Faculty Website: http://www.weizmann.ac.il/chemistry/


The Faculty of Chemistry preserves the dream of Professor Chaim Weizmann, an organic chemist, who was the original visionary of the Weizmann Institute of Science. Research in the Faculty covers a very broad spectrum, ranging from chemistry to physics and biology, from basic to applied science, from theory to experiment, and from the nanometric to the planetary scales.

The Faculty research activity is interdisciplinary, covering a variety of subjects that include, for example, the study of magnetic resonance with potential applications for faster and more efficient imaging, organic and green chemistry with implications for a cleaner environment, biological physics and structural biology focused on understanding biological processes of critical importance, environmental studies that examine local and global processes relevant to our planet, light-matter interactions for better understanding of atoms and molecules, the study of soft and hard materials, and much much more.

Two large Institute-wide programs are centered in the Faculty of Chemistry – the Weizmann Institute Nano Initiative (WINI) and the Alternative Energy Research Initiative (AERI).  Both initiatives encompass researchers from other faculties, but the focal point is in chemistry, underscoring the key role of chemistry in modern science.

The Faculty is organized in five scientific departments: Organic Chemistry, Structural Biology, Materials and Interfaces, Chemical Physics, and Earth and Planetary Sciences.  In addition, the Department of Chemical Research Support is responsible for the scientific infrastructure and operation of modern research facilities for the benefit of the entire Institute.

We are always looking for excellent people to join us - students, post-docs and faculty members. Write or call us for details!

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