Institute Architecture, Gardens and Art

"The Land of Israel symbolizes a union between the most modern civilization and a most antique culture. It is the place where intellect and vision, matter and spirit meet."

These are the words of the architect Erich Mendelsohn, who designed Weizmann House and several other buildings on the Weizmann Institute campus. These embody the special ties between science, aesthetics and art that have graced the Institute since its early days. Architecture is a central element in the character of the Institute. It expands the scientists’ sensibilities and enables them to fully engage in the research that will enable us to better understand our world.

The Institute campus is a living museum of architecture; it showcases a stunning collection of edifices built in the variety of styles current between 1934 and today. These begin with Middle-Eastern motifs and the International Style of Erich Mendelsohn, run through Brutalism’s exposed concrete forms, Structuralism, Formalism, Postmodern and Glass Architecture, up to the most contemporary additions.

The visitor strolling around campus paths will encounter some of the main crossroads in the history of Israeli architecture.

The Institute has launched a series of unique tours of the campus, taking place on Friday mornings. Currently the tours are conducted in Hebrew only. They are open to the public and are free of charge. The tours focus on landscaping, architecture, art and history. For more information and reservation please press here.


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