Museums & Restaurants in the Area



The Weizmann Institute has a number of cafeterias and cafés: a cafeteria serving meat dishes at the St. Martin Guest House, a dairy cafeteria called Chez Charlie, and Café Smadar. Meals for groups visiting the Institute can be arranged from 1:45 pm onward. For more information, please contact the visitor coordinator at the Weizmann Institute (see the Contact Us page).

There are many restaurants and cafés located in the Tamar Science Park in Rehovot, including:

  • The River Noodle Bar
  • Japonica
  • Black Bar 'n' Burger
  • The Bourgos Burger Bar
  • Caesar
  • Roladine (Kosher dairy)
  • Ars Café
  • Café Café (Kosher dairy)
  • Oro (Kosher meat)

and in Rehovot:

  • Aroma - 218 Herzl Street (Kosher dairy)
  • Etz Hatut (Strawberry House) - 194 Herzl Street
  • Ma - 226 Herzl Street
  • Café Shikma - 171 Herzl Street

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