Research Grants Office

The Research Grants and Projects (RGP) Office and the Academic Affairs Office (AAO) together comprise the Directorate for Research and Academic Affairs.

The Directorate is headed by the Academic Secretary, Dr. Boaz Avron, who is directly subordinate to the President. The Academic Secretary carries the overall responsibility for the proper functioning and administration of the Offices included in the Directorate.

The head of the Research Grants and Projects Office is Dr. Igal Nevo.

The principal aims of the Research Grants and Projects Office (RGP) are:

  • collecting and distributing information on sources of funds, both in Israel and abroad.
  • providing guidance, advice, and administrative services to academic staff members in all that concerns the submission of requests for research grants to (external and internal) funding sources.
  • negotiating and authorizing the contractual relationship with funding sources.
  • monitoring the follow-up and assuring adherence to the timetables of the different sponsored research projects.

During the Academic Year 09/10, Institute researchers were active in over 1,000 research projects, totaling a gross external research income of over $65 million.

Sources of approved funding for research grants were geographically distributed between: Israel (over $25 million), Europe (nearly $30 million), the USA (nearly $10 million) and Bi-national and International sources (over $3 million).

The top sources providing external research grant support for research were the European Union Framework Programme, the Israel Science Foundation, research programs originating with the German government, the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), as well as research support programs of the Israel Ministry for Science and Technology.

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