Research Institutes and Centers - Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

The Arthur and Rochelle Belfer Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science focuses on ensuring the continuity of scientific research and collaboration being carried out in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Funding is allocated to a wide variety of projects in math and computer science.
Prof. David Peleg, Director

The Ida Kohen Center for Mathematics supports across-the-board activities within the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.  The resources provided by the center are divided between the two departments, the Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, and the Department of Mathematics, and serve to supplement their regular budgets.
Prof. David Peleg, Director

The John von Neumann Minerva Center for the Development of Reactive Systems advances the development of complex reactive systems, mainly through the processes of specification (modeling) and analysis. Research concentrates on visual formalisms and supporting tools for modeling, and on powerful simulation and analysis methods. The center works closely with applications for industry, first and foremost biological modeling, using similar techniques taken from reactive system development. Other projects include service-oriented computing, tactical simulators and health care processes.
Prof. David Harel, Director

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