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The Technology in Education Unit (TiEU) initiates, develops, guides and accompanies all computer technology based projects at the Davidson Institute from their conception until their operational mode and beyond, offering technological infrastructure, pedagogy and, more importantly, didactic support.

The unit combines the experience and wisdom of the educators at the Davidson Institute and the Weizmann Institute of Science with technological know-how, so that teachers and students alike get reliable, top-of-the-notch learning materials.

TiEU also actively proposes and develops novice technological projects in science and math education. All projects are implemented on an LMS (learning management system) and/on the Davidson Institute interactive internet “showcase”: Davidson Online.

The TiEU has expertise in both technology and educational pedagogy, two fields which are changing rapidly. The constant flow of emerging technologies provides TiEU with the challenge of constantly monitoring emerging technologies and pedagogies, finding the best ways to implement them in science education, and mentoring its target audiences accordingly.

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