Students' Unit: Students Study Science

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The Students' Unit promotes and nurtures science and technology education among elementary, middle school and high school children across the country. It develops various frameworks for schools and individuals in collaboration with the educational system, from after-school programs for academically outstanding teenagers to unique programs for youth with unrealized potential, who have dropped out of the school-system or are at risk of doing so.

The Unit focuses on expanding students' knowledge of science and technology, but also helps raise their self esteem and confidence, using unique teaching methods and materials, carefully adapted to the needs and level of its target audiences. Students and their teachers come to the Davidson Institute for science enrichment days that introduce them to the frontiers of science while meeting scientists and research students in their laboratories.

Using distance learning, e-learning and other tools of integrating technology into science education, the Unit's also promotes advanced learning and instruction through the integration of laptops into the classroom. This is done by providing the teachers and students with laptops, training the teachers, developing computerized learning material and evaluating the student-teacher-computer interaction.

The Unit's programs make the world of science accessible to outstanding, average, as well as underachieving students, by showing them the wonders and mysteries of science through activities that cannot take place in schools. When classes cannot come to the Davidson Institute, we bring the science to them using the Science-Mobile, a lab on wheels accompanied by Davidson Institute scientists.

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