Visiting Scientists

Each year several hundred tenure track and tenured academic faculty from universities and other organizations world-wide are welcomed as visiting scientists at the Weizmann Institute.

To be considered for engagement as a Visiting Scientist at the Weizmann Institute, you must be invited to be a visiting scientist by a member of the scientific personnel of the Institute.

  • Listings of the research interests of scientific personnel members are available online in the Current Research Activities publication.
  • Contact details of scientific personnel are available online in the Academic Staff Directory.
  • A Keyword Search for Institute Researchers specialty search engine has been designed which will return further to a Keyword(s) of your choice, and a table of contact details for Weizmann Institute researchers whose activities are relevant to provided search keyword(s). The returned contact details are further complied into an automatic search that scans the following available online sources: Current research activities entry, Publications, Research grants and projects information, and Weizmann institute researchers' homepages.
  • For Seminars / Departmental Lectures / Colloquia and other events on campus see our integrated calendar or the calendar of campus cultural events.

When a scientific personnel member decides to invite a Visiting Scientist he informs the Visiting Scientist Office (VSO) of the invitation. The VSO then assists visiting scientists with the non-academic aspects of their stay at the Institute. Help is extended to enable our visitors to focus on their scientific work, unhindered by administrative matters.

Funding Programs

There is a wide spectrum of funding options available toward becoming a visiting scientist at the Weizmann Institute. These include:

  • self-funding (i.e. the visiting scientists covers from his own resources all the relevant costs for the visit)
  • full or or partial support for the visit from the Weizmann Institute host. This would depend on the availability of funds for this purpose with the host (e.g. an externally approved grant which allows for support of a visiting scientist who will be engaged in research within the approved grant project at the host’s laboratory)
  • support provided by a funding source outside the Weizmann institute. For some options please see:

In addition, there are several Weizmann-funded programs to support visiting scientists that are competitive in nature.  These include: 

Useful Information

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