Visiting Students

General Overview

  • This status is given for scientific cooperation or short training in one of the WIS Research Groups. Please note:
    (a) The visitor will have no legal status in WIS without the approval of the Graduate School. In the case of foreign students, no payment will be approved if the confirmation is not submitted before, or immediately at the commencement of the Fellowship.
    (b) Visiting students with Israeli citizenship are not allowed to receive fellowships, or any other payments (including travel expenses).
  • The status is conferred for a maximum of one year. In a case where the hosting PI is an official joint tutor of the visiting student, FGS may positively consider an exceptional extension of the time.
  • Only a full-time student studying for a degree at a recognized academic institution can be awarded this status.
  • It is the visitor’s responsibility to find a research group and make the arrangements with the head of the group. The Graduate School cannot participate or mediate in the process.
  • Visiting students are bound in all matters of intellectual property rights by the regulations of WIS, including signing the form for transference of their intellectual property rights. The host department carries the responsibility of verifying that every visiting student has indeed signed the said form in the Human Resources Department (even if the visiting student is not receiving a fellowship). Further details can be found on the website of the Vice President for Technology Transfer.
  • Visiting students may reside in the student dormitories (requires a reservation by the host department and depends on availability).

Application Procedures

Only the host department may submit a request on behalf of the guest (through an online form). The host department must attach to the form the following documents:

  • An official confirmation from the student registrar of the academic institution where the visitor studies, that he or she is a full-time degree student in that institution during the academic year in which they will be a visitor at the Weizmann Institute. If the hosting scientist from WIS is a joint tutor, the confirmation should explicitly state this.
  • A photocopy of the student’s identity card (for Israelis) or of the passport page bearing the photograph of the person making the request (foreign citizens) must be attached.
  • A WIS form of Intellectual Property Agreement signed by the Visiting Student.
  • The host department must submit the visiting student form and the required confirmation from the home institution to FGS prior to the arrival of the visitor.

Contact Details
Program Coordinator: Ms. Eti Colb-Uzana

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