Department of Particle Physics and Astrophysics

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Kfir Blum

Senior Scientist
Location:Edna and K.B. Weissman Building of Physical Sciences, Room 321

I am working on problems in particle physics phenomenology, cosmology, and high-energy astrophysics.

Research interests include:

1. Higgs physics: what can we learn from measurements of the interactions of the Higgs boson, discovered at the Large Hadron Collider during 2011-2013, for the underlying mechanism of electroweak symmetry breaking?

2. Particle cosmology: what is dark matter? how should we look for it? how can we connect early-Universe cosmological observations with observations of low-redshift systems like our own Galaxy, and with particle physics laboratory data?

3. Cosmic rays, high-energy neutrinos: where do Galactic cosmic rays come from? what is the origin of high-energy astrophysical neutrinos? how do we use fundamental particle physics knowledge to interpret high-energy astrophysics phenomena, and what can we learn from high-energy astrophysics processes about particle physics?