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Micha Berkooz

Location:Edna and K.B. Weissman Building of Physical Sciences, Room 311

Current Research Interests

My research interests include quantum field theory, String theory, gravity and cosmology. Significant progress has been made in these areas over the last decade and we now view field theories and string theory, or more generally theories with gravity and theories without gravity, as intimately related - at times completely equivalent. I am interested in what this duality can teach us about gravitational systems in extreme conditions such as during the big-bang, finite volume effects in general relativity (NLST) and the dynamics of strongly coupled singularities in String theory (LST). These problems are expected to extend our understanding and point to missing building blocks in quantum gravity, field theory and String theory.
Some Recent publications:

  1. M. Berkooz, B. Pioline, "Strings in an Electric Field, and the Milne Universe", hep-th/0307280
  2. M. Berkooz, B. Craps, D. Kutasov and R. Govindan, "Comments on Cosmological Singularities in String Theory", JHEP 0303:031,2003, hep-th/0212215
  3. M. Berkooz, A. Sever and A. Shomer, "Double Trace Deformations, Boundary Conditions and Space-time Singularities" JHEP 0205:034,2002, hep-th/0112264
  4. V. Balasubramanian, M. Berkooz, A. Naqvi and M.J. Strassler, "Giant Gravitons in Conformal Field Theory",  JHEP 0204:034,2002, hep-th/0107119