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Yitzhak Maron

The Stephen and Mary Meadow Professorial Chair of Laser Photochemistry
Location:Edna and K.B. Weissman Building of Physical Sciences, Room

Current Research Interests

In the Plasma Laboratory we study processes in plasmas subjected to high-energy deposition. We examine the interaction of nonequilibrium plasmas with strong electric and magnetic fields, the propagation of ionization fronts, the production of shock waves, conversion of energy in pulsed-power systems, generation of fast particle beams, generation of magnetic shocks, development of collective fluctuating fields, and plasma-surface interactions.

The diagnostic methods are  based on fast, high-resolution plasma spectroscopy of spontaneous emission and absorption in the visible, U.V., vacuum UV, and x-ray regions, as well as on spectroscopy of laser absorption and laser-stimulated emission. Theoretical analysis of the experimental data is based on detailed modeling of atomic-physics processes that govern the atomic/ionic spectral-line broadening, atomic-level splitting under electric and magnetic fields, field ionization, multiple ionizations and time-dependent collisional-radiative calculations and radiation-transport modeling.

Magnetohydrodynamic simulations are used to account for the nonequilibrium kinetic and transport processes in the plasmas.The research in the laboratory is relevant to the understanding of high-energy-density plasmas in various systems and of astrophysical data.

Awards and Honours

  • Fellow of the American Physical Society (1996)
  • Fellow of the IEEE Society, USA (2005)
  • Editorial Board of Laser and Particle Beams (20050
  • Plasma Science and Applications Award by the IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society (2007)
  • The American Physical Society John Dawson Award for Excellence In Plasma Physics Research (2009)