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Zeev Vager

Professor Emeritus
Location:Edna and K.B. Weissman Building of Physical Sciences, Room 1108

Current Research Interests

The structure of small molecules in gas phase represent an area of active research as these molecules constitute few body systems which are supposed to be amenable to detailed quantum mechanical calculations related to both their structure and dynamics.

A wide range of experimental approaches, usually focusing on transition energies and rates between different energy levels, have been developed to study the characteristics of small molecules and very accurate comparisons with theory have been achieved. A vastly different experimental approach has been pioneered and developed by the Coulomb Explosion Imaging experimental group at the Weizmann Institute. This method provides a direct picture of the molecular structure - not only the mean configuration but the density function of all possible configurations. Individual fast molecules impinge upon a very thin foil where they loose their binding electrons. Each such molecule carries its particular configuration of atoms which are now all positively charged and spread by repultion, carrying their configuration information into the specially designed detectors. Thus, each molecule reveals its structure which is recorded for many thosands such events.

This unique information is transformed into the probability function of finding the examined molecules in different geometries and compared with theoretical estimations.