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Zeev Zinamon

Professor Emeritus
Location:Edna and K.B. Weissman Building of Physical Sciences, Room

Current Research Interests

1. The physics of strongly coupled plasma.

A plasma is considered strongly coupled if the interaction energy among
its constituents is not small compared with their kinetic energy. We
study the properties of these plasmas, such as the equation of state,
the diffusion processes, and the radiative opacity. Strongly coupled
plasmas occur in important phenomena: For example, liquid metals can be
considered as such. A possibly important application where strongly
coupled plasmas occur is inertial confinement fusion - the production
of nuclear fusion energy through the compression and heating of
hydrogen isotopes by intense radiation. We study plasmas related to
both these examples.

2. The interaction of energetic charged particles with matter.

We study the interaction of simple (ions) and complex (clusters, large
molecules) energetic particles with matter. By studying the energy
deposition and trajectories one can learn about the dielectric
properties of the target matter and about the structure of the
projectile particles. An example of our studies is the application of
intense ion beams to the achievement of inertial confinement fusion.


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