ifigures - Interactive Figures for the 21st Century

An interactive, free and sharable browser-based platform for scientific presentation and calculation which is suitable for scientists and children alike.

Example ifigures (see description below):

Empty ifigureCreate and move circleSimple data and manual linear fit,  Performance check




An interactive figure which is an .html file that is readable by modern browsers which includes a visual presentation of data/calculations and provides access to the underlying data/calculations in electronic form. In addition, ifigures typically allow simple manipulation of the presentation such as zooming. ifigures are a useful way to convey scientific information. ifigures may also provide a basic tool for calculations, simulations and data analysis suitable for small projects and for science education. 

ifigure file names should have an .ifig.html extension.

Example ifigures:

The example ifigures above were created using the ballab tool that we are actively developing. Each of these ifigure html files contains the ballab javascript tools inside the file and can be used to create new ifigures. ballab is an open source code under the MIT license. It is in an early development phase and (likely) contains bugs. Use it at your own risk. Not all examples below have the same version of ballab.