• The Molecular physics group at WIS is a part of a European research network delaing with low energy ion beams called ITS-LEIF project. There are total of 32 groups are supported by this project. It fosters mutual exchange of personnel and instrumentation to counteract fragmentation in this important multidisciplinary field.

    Other experimental storage device dealing with molecular physics experiments are taking place:

  • Test Storage Ring (TSR). A lot of our work is made in collaboration with the group of Prof. Dirk Schwalm and Prof. Andreas Wolf from the Max-Planck Institute, in Heidelberg, Germany. This is the home of the

  • ASTRID and ELISA . Storage ring where Molecular Physics experiments are taking place is at the University of Aarhus, Denmark.

  • CRYRING , in Stockholm, a storage ring.

  • Calender of international confrences in vairous fields of physics .

  • ESD 2005 , ESD 2007 , ESD 2009

  • Physical Review Letters
  • Physical Review A: atomic, molecular and optical physics
  • Journal of Physical Chemistry
  • Journal of Chemical Physics
  • Review of Scientific Instruments
  • European Journal of atomic molecular, optical and plasma physics

  • Other useful links:
  • Particle data group
  • Here you can find safety regulation working with Lasers and Hazardous materials Safety division in Weizmann Institute.
  • Optics weekly seminar website
  • Simion simulations website