EPII, advance topics within & beyond the Standard Model


Spring 2011





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EPII is an advanced course in modern elementary particle physics. The course focuses on understanding the Standard Model (SM) in manner that will allow the students to understand the reasons for why we think it is only a low energy description of nature and to give tools for looking for SM extensions.

There will be a special emphasize on connection with existing and future experiments in particle physics and also on effective field theory description of  how new physics dynamics affect the expected new data.

Although QFT is not required for the course, basic knowledge regarding Feynman diagram techniques and RGE as well as basic understanding of non-abelian gauge theories is highly recommended.

Here is a preliminary syllabus for the course:

(i)                 The Standard Model (SM) electroweak (EW) sector, at tree level and beyond.

(ii)                Understanding the precision constraint via symmetries, effective field theory (EFT) and the little hierarchy problem, “LEP paradox”.

(iii)              The SM flavor sector, the flavor puzzle, symmetries, precision tests, EFT and the “flavor (new physics) paradox”.

(iv)               Collider phenomenology. 


These are some of the references being used to prepare the lectures: (more references will be added as the course advances).

Lecture Notes:

Here are transparencies and notes for the lectures:

Introduction and electroweak physics,

Flavor physics,

Collider phenomenology. (very informal)



The grade will be based on the homeworks and on a final paper and presentation on some specific topic.

Problem Sets & Final Presentation:

Problem sets will be assigned in class and are due on the date shown. You are expected to solve them on your own and the final calculations handed in must be your own work.

·  Homework Assignment 1 [ pdf ]

·  Homework Assignment 2 [ pdf ]

·  Homework Assignment 3 [ pdf ]

·  Homework Assignment 4 [ pdf ]

·  Suggested topics for final presentations [ pdf ]




Topics and Dates for Talks:

The deadline for the presentation will be set at a later stage.

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