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Nausicaa’s beach TBA

Thursday, May 3, 2018 - 11:15 to 12:30 Auditorium

Twenty years separate the morning when Odysseus sails away from Itaca and the afternoon in which he reaches the island of the Phaeacians. Two decades is also a fairly typical period since the first back-of-the-envelope draft of a (neutrino physics) experiment and the moment in which such an experiment makes an impact, some times even a major discovery. In this talk I will tell the tale of the first decade of the Neutrino Experiment with a Xenon TPC (NEXT), and how it has sailed in the turbulent but beautiful seas of neutrino less double beta decay searches. I will also play oracle and predict the future of the NEXT in the context of the upcoming effort to uplift the current experimental apparatus to ton scale target masses. Ultimately, we hope that NEXT will end up, like Ulises, meeting NAUSICAA, a future Next AparatUS with Improved CApAbilities.