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Physics Young PIS Colloquium Ranny Budnik, Oren Raz, Binghai Yan

Thursday, February 1, 2018 - 11:15 to 12:30 Auditorium

Ranny Budnik "Exploring the dark side with bright, pure crystals“ Dark matter surrounds us and passes through us, yet it has not been discovered, after over a decade of intense efforts. However, many "windows" to dark matter parameter space remain closed, and opening them has become a leading target for the particle cosmology community. I will go quickly through the basics of dark matter, detection methods and recent results, and present an effort we are pursuing in our lab at the Weizmann Institute, to develop a new type of detector, able to detect low mass dark matter, using rare defects in pure crystals. Oren Raz "Anomalous thermal relaxation: from your kitchen to trapped ions“ Take a cold system, and couple it to a hot environment. Evidently, the system will heat up. Surprisingly, many aspects of this common process are poorly understood. Examples range from the anomalous heating rate in trapped ions, where the observed heating rate is commonly three orders of magnitude higher than naively expected, to a "thermal overshoot" where the system's temperature, during the relaxation process, becomes higher than the environment's temperature. Binghai Yan “The history and new understanding of surface states” "A story about the electronic state on the surface, from the Shockley state to the topological state."