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Instrument control, Algorithmics & Numerical Simulations Group

Dr. Enrico Segre, Associate Staff Scientist
Phone: +972-8-934-2047
Fax: +972-8-934-4172
Office: Edna and K.B. Weissman Building of Physical Sciences, Room 1121B

Design of Instrument control; algorithms and simulations of complex physical problems; consulting in selection and assembly of commercial equipment.


  • Numerical simulations of multi-physical problems, e.g. in microfluidics
  • Algorithmics - coding in Fortran, Tcl, Matlab, Scilab, Mathematica, C, python, shell scripting etc.
  • Scientific imaging and quantitative image processing
  • Consultancy on fluid dynamics measurements
  • Computer control of laboratory instrumentation; hardware-software integration; communication with multiple instruments; automatization of data collection
  • Design of efficient graphical user interfaces for experiment control
  • Labview: installation, instruction, consultancy and programming

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  • Image acquisition and processing techniques: Particle Image Velocimetry; dye concentration measurement for microfluidic applications; video-cinematography; object tracking; motion control etc.
  • Online control and data acquisition for Cavity Ring Down and Photoacustic apparati for the measurement of optical properties of dilute aerosols; aerosol flux measurements
  • LaBunaPera: flexible software for repetitive parametric scan measurements involving an arbitrary number of interfaceable instruments
  • Historical database of air quality measurements in Israel and data mining
  • High speed video recording systems (1000 fps/10 hours) for behavioral studies in mice and whisker tracking (link to the full manual)
  • System for automatic measurement of charge mobility in semiconductors
  • Remotely accessible monitor and historical logging system for MBE plants (link1, link2, accessible within Weizmann Institute)
  • Plant monitor for grafitization process
  • Driving and acquisition software for motion control
  • Simulations of fluid and heat transfer problems

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Please contact Enrico.

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