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Small-Scale, Highly Precise Tests of the Standard Model and Its Symmetries Prof. Gerald Gabrielse

Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 11:15 to 12:15 Auditorium

The Standard Model of particle physics is the great success and the great frustration of modern physics. It is very surprising that the Standard Model can successfully predict what is measured to up to a part in 10^{12}, and yet be completely unable to explain either why a universe could survive the big bang or why it should be made of matter rather than antimatter. Low energy experiments play a crucial role in testing the Standard Model. The most precise prediction of the Standard Model, for example, was tested with one suspended electron used to make make the most accurate measurement of a property of an elementary particle. The symmetries of the Standard Model can be directly tested by comparing particles and antiparticles. Searches for physics beyond the Standard Model at energy scales at and above LHC energies are carried out by searching for an electric dipole moment of an electron in a polar molecule.