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Rachel Goldman 
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Gregory Falkovich 
Department of Physics of Complex Systems  
Weizmann Institute,  
76100 Rehovot 



Current Research Interests 

Theory of strong non-equilibrium, 

in particular, theory of turbulence.

Since any human being is itself an open system, we are naturally curious about the behavior of other open systems with fluxes of matter, energy or information. Of the possible open systems, it is those endowed with many degrees of freedom and strongly deviating from equilibrium that are most challenging. A significant example of such a system is given by developed turbulence in continuous media like liquid, gas or plasma. To describe non-equilibrium systems with infinitely many strongly-interacting degrees of freedom, our group develops field-theoretical methods (path integral. instanton technique etc). We also work on applications of turbulence in  geophysics (atmosphere and ocean) and astrophysics (turbulent magnetic dynamo).