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Yitzhak Maron 

Department of Particle Physics 
Weizmann Institute, 
76100 Rehovot, 

Current Research Interests
In the Plasma Laboratory we study processes in plasmas subjected to high-energy deposition. We examine the interaction of nonequilibrium plasmas with strong electric and magnetic fields, the propagation of ionization fronts, the production of shock waves, conversion of energy in pulsed-power systems, generation of fast particle beams, generation of magnetic shocks, development of collective fluctuating fields, and plasma-surface interactions. 

The diagnostic methods are  based on fast, high-resolution plasma spectroscopy of spontaneous emission and absorption in the visible, U.V., vacuum UV, and x-ray regions, as well as on spectroscopy of laser absorption and laser-stimulated emission. Theoretical analysis of the experimental data is based on detailed modeling of atomic-physics processes that govern the atomic/ionic spectral-line broadening, atomic-level splitting under electric and magnetic fields, field ionization, multiple ionizations and time-dependent collisional-radiative calculations and radiation-transport modeling. 
Magnetohydrodynamic simulations are used to account for the nonequilibrium kinetic and transport processes in the plasmas.The research in the laboratory is relevant to the understanding of high-energy-density plasmas in various systems and of astrophysical data. 

Awards and Honours 
Fellow of the American Physical Society (1996). 
Fellow of the IEEE Society, USA (2005). 
On the Editorial Board of Laser and Particle Beams (2005). 
Plasma Science and Applications Award by the IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society (2007). 
The American Physical Society John Dawson Award for Excellence In Plasma Physics Research (2009).