Ways of Giving

The human factor is the most decisive one in determining an academic center’s success.

The Weizmann Institute of Science is determined to fulfill its mandate as Israel’s leader in scientific research and education, both on the national and on the international scene. One of the greatest challenges for the Institute is to attract and retain bright, highly skilled, and talented young scientists as faculty members and graduate students. To nurture and support our vital human resources—both new recruits and veteran scientists alike—we require advanced facilities and laboratories, high-tech equipment, and support staff with the appropriate high level of scientific knowledge and technical expertise.

To develop and expand our capabilities and capacity for curiosity-driven research, the Weizmann Institute seeks philanthropic support to realize its long-term goals. We are confident that the Institute’s friends around the world will, as they have always done, join us in a deeply fulfilling partnership for the benefit of humanity.

We are able to offer you, our supporters, a range of funding possibilities to match your philanthropic aspirations including a number of flexible planned gift opportunities. Please note that the following options may not be suitable for all supporting countries, so please consult with your local committee of friends about a gift that best complements your philanthropy: (quick link for each below)


Professorial Chair

The rank of Professor at the Weizmann Institute of Science recognizes a scientist's considerable achievements, stature in the scientific community, and continuing influential role in scientific inquiry. Professorial Chairs for full or associate professors are established in perpetuity. The annual income from the endowment of these Chairs supports the salary for the incumbents. The selection of the incumbent is made by the President of the Weizmann Institute in consultation with senior staff members. When an incumbent retires or leaves the Institute, another scientist is appointed to be the new incumbant of the Chair.

By endowing a Professorial Chair, the donor makes a significant and long-term contribution to the future of the Weizmann Institute, to the State of Israel, and to the careers of prominent scientists who advance sceintific knowledge and contribute to improving the world we live in. Additionally, it provides a great opportunity for creating personal links between the philanthropists and the individual scientists, their projects, and successes.

Career Development Chair

New, young scientists who join the Weizmann Institute of Science community today will be the research pioneers and pillars of our faculty tomorrow. Arriving on our campus full of energy and fresh ideas after completing postdoctoral fellowships in their specialties, they are eager to launch their research projects. At this stage in their careers, philanthropic support is crucial. You can help ensure that our “brain gain”—young scientists who join the Institute—have essential start-up funds through the establishment of an endowed Career Development Chair (CDC).

A CDC provides its incumbent with vital support over the critical, initial three- to five-year period on campus. The endowment’s annual yield will help cover the substantial costs incurred in setting up a new research group, including the purchase of sophisticated instrumentation; chemical reagents and supplies; employment of a team of graduate student assistants and a postdoctoral fellow or a technician; the costs of scientific services and more.

Approximately 50 Weizmann Institute scientists currently hold Career Development Chairs that have been endowed by generous donors from around the world. Appointment to a CDC may be renewed for an additional three to five years. If the holder of the chair moves to another scientific field or department, or is granted tenure, a new incumbent is named to the Chair.

Laboratories and Equipment

The hub of today’s experimental scientific research is the ultra-modern, well-equipped laboratory. The Institute continuously strives to provide its researchers with everything they need to participate in cutting-edge science: equipment, supplies, and personnel. Having access to advanced instrumentation is essential for conducting world-class research.

The cost of state-of-the-art scientific equipment is constantly rising while Israeli government support for basic research in general and for new equipment purchases in particular have been steadily declining. Often, due to the fast pace of research dynamics, coupled with technological advances, scientific equipment becomes obsolete in a few short years. Few sources of grant funds exist for major equipment, largely because most governmental agencies and national science foundations have very restrictive rules about including capital costs for equipment in their grant applications. Yet science cannot be conducted without these tools.

You can support our efforts to ensure that our talented researchers have the necessary laboratory equipment and technology, either by providing funding for the naming of a laboratory or for funding specific equipment. Lab naming opportunities are available throughout the faculties at the Weizmann Institute, and there is a wide range of funding opportunities for equipment.

New Scientist Fund

The Weizmann Institute recruits an average of 10 or more new faculty members every year in a proactive effort to seek out promising researchers with innovative ideas who are opening up new directions in science. To help a creative young scientist come to Israel and set up a laboratory as a principal researcher, the Weizmann Institute commits to at least three years of funding for equipment, startup research grants, and stipends for student assistants and for postdoctoral researchers. Access to state-of-the-art scientific equipment and adequate support for their research projects are primary considerations when creative young scientists weigh the offer of a faculty position. The Institute must compete against far larger and richer institutions abroad in attracting young faculty members. Supporting a new generation of young scientists in Israel ensures Israel’s future intellectual edge in the world of science.

Donors can support the Institute’s efforts to recruit young scientists by establishing a new scientist fund to help cover the cost of laboratory personnel, including student and postdoctoral fellow assistants, new equipment, and infrastructure for new laboratories.


The Weizmann Institute of Science plays a central role in developing Israel's scientific brain power, training more than one-quarter of the nation's new Ph.D.s in science and mathematics. Their scientific knowledge is vital for a healthier and brighter future for Israel and the world. As government support for science and education continues to shrink, private philanthropic funding must step in to support the Institute's vital graduate program.

The Feinberg Graduate School at the Weizmann Institute of Science is unique in the world: an institution focused solely on science and concentrating exclusively on postgraduate studies and research. It is one of the leading graduate schools of science in the world. Its language of instruction is English; its accreditation is with the State of New York. All of its nearly 1,000 M.Sc. and Ph.D. students receive a full scholarship and a living stipend so that they can devote their time and energies to their scientific studies and research. These scholarships are funded in large part through the generosity of donors.

Scholarship donors will receive periodic reports on their scholarship recipient’s research interests. More significantly, perhaps, the donor has the rare opportunity to benefit humanity through the support of the scientists of tomorrow.

Research Institutes and Centers

Endowed research institutes and centers at the Weizmann Institute of Science provide an organizational framework for intellectual exchange and collaboration. Bringing together scientists from a range of fields, they fund new initiatives, shared equipment, stipends for young scientists, and other research necessities. The Weizmann Institute seeks major endowments to establish several institutes and centers that demonstrate significant potential for future achievements in a variety of multidisciplinary fields. Please consult with your local Friends of the Weizmann Institute for a project that best complements your special interests and philanthropy goals.

Science Education

Israel’s future depends on the educational tools its youth receive today. To ensure a fully integrated society in which all men and women are afforded the opportunity of a good and productive life regardless of the social circumstances they were born into, young people must be exposed to educational programs that instill values and knowledge and provide them with tools to enhance their mental and physical capabilities. The most crucial element in this process is establishing self-confidence: only when children experience success will they learn to believe in themselves and in their future prospects. This is exactly what the many and varied educational programs of the Weizmann Institute’s Davidson Institute of Science Education encourage.

The Davidson Institute’s programs include in-service training and development of teachers; nationwide teacher leadership programs; hands-on activities for advanced science students held in Davidson Institute laboratories; supervision of innovative school programs; science education programs for youth at risk; Davidson Online, an interactive science-education website; and the School of Contemporary Science, which provides extracurricular programs for outstanding students, enriching their knowledge and understanding of multidisciplinary scientific fields.

To promote and develop these ambitious programs, the Weizmann Institute seeks philanthropic support. Please consult with your local Friends of the Weizmann Institute for a project that best complements your science education interests and philanthropic goals.

Planned Giving

Planned giving options are many and vary by country. Please consult with your local Friends of the Weizmann Institute for a package that best complements your philanthropy.