Weizmann Australia

Weizmann Institute Nobel Laureate Prof. Ada Yonath and Rina Michael, Executive Director of Weizmann Australia, with school students in a packed hall at Moriah College in Sydney.


Weizmann Australia was formally established as a not-for-profit organization in late 2009.

The main goals of the organization are to promote awareness and support of the Weizmann Institute in Australia; to enhance Australian science, research and education via association with the Weizmann Institute; to facilitate collaborative research and to maintain an informed and involved Weizmann Australia community.


Mr. Stephen Chipkin, Chair
Ms. Rina Michael, Executive Director

Contact Details

PO Box 611
Rose Bay
NSW 2029
Tel.: 61 (0) 61 2 9371 7067
Mobile: 61 (0) 61 2 9371 7087
email: rina@weizmann.org.au
website: Weizmann Australia