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From left to right: Prof. François Jacob ' grandson and grandaughter, Robert Parienti, Prof. Alice Dautry, President of Pasteur Institute, Daniel Zajfman, President of the Weizmann Institute of Science, and Bernard Esambert, President of Pasteur-Weizmann Councilat a tribute given in honor of the devotion and contribution of Prof. Zajfman tor the scientifiic collaboration between Pasteur and Weizmann Institutes. The ceremony took place in the Auditorium François Jacob at Pasteur Institute and a classical concert was given by Prof. François Jacob's grandchildren, followed by a reception.


Weizmann-France-Europe was created in October, 1999, as an umbrella organization for a number of separate committees working to benefit the Weizmann Institute of Science in Europe.  These include:

  • Comite français de l’ Institut Weizmann des Sciences, founded in December, 1967, by a group of French supporters, chaired by Maitre Joseph Roubache.
  • Délégation de la Suisse Romande de l’institut Weizmann des Sciences, founded in 1988, chaired by Mr. Jean-Marc Brunschwig, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Comitato Negri-Weizmann, founded in 1990, chaired by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nissim, Milan, Italy.

Learn more about Weizmann France-Europe activites and events at Weizmann-France-Europe .

Contact Details

Dr. Robert Parienti, Delegate General
Co-Presidents: Prof. Francois Gros, Dr. Emile Benassayag, and Mr. Joseph Roubache

Christine Devaux, Assistante du Dr. Robert Parienti

17, rue Mesnil
75116 PARIS
Tel.: 33 (0) 1 47 04 33 43
Fax.: 33 (0) 1 47 55 10 84