Why give to Weizmann?

The Weizmann Institute was founded on the belief that talent should be given free rein. Yet the costs of cutting-edge research projects and investments in infrastructure have always been high. Over the decades, the generosity of good friends and a winning “can-do” attitude on the part of Institute scientists have enabled the Institute to respond to countless scientific and technological challenges. 

The Weizmann Institute of Science is a center of world-class research and education geared to Israel’s knowledge-based, high-tech economy. Philanthropic support contributes almost one-quarter of the Institute’s budget, and links the Institute to a network of friends worldwide. Visionary philanthropists have helped the Weizmann Institute of Science guarantee the future of basic science in Israel. This support is reflected in the establishment of the many research centers and institutes, and major buildings on campus.

Friends from around the globe who choose to link their names with the Weizmann Institute, with its 280-acre campus and its 2,600-member scientific community, are gratefully acknowledged on campus and in publications. Major donors of $50,000 or more are acknowledged at International Plaza, located near the main entrance. Details about naming opportunities can be obtained through supporting committees or from the Department of Resource Development.

In addition, there have been many other generous gifts, too numerous to list here, in a great variety of forms: professorial chairs, scholarships and fellowships, grants for equipment, ongoing research projects, infrastructure, education, and much more.  There are many ways to give.

Gifts from members of the Weizmann Institute’s worldwide family of supporters express their desire to make a difference and their confidence in the Weizmann Institute’s world-changing research.

The Weizmann Institute is deeply grateful to them all.