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Current Lab Members

Debbie Fass

Deborah (Debbie) Fass: Debbie was born in the U.S., studied at Harvard and MIT. She moved to Israel in 1998. In theory, she is an obsessive reader / jogger / hiker / knitter / Scrabble-player. In practice, she is a loving mom of four and a devoted scientist.
T: (972)-8-934-3214 | deborah.fass (at) weizmann.ac.il

Tal Ilani

Tal Ilani: Tal is a staff scientist in our lab, she is also an ex-pharmacist . Tal is the commander-in-chief of the cell cultures and transgenic mice. She likes spending her off time with her family, and she is the most colourful person in our lab.
T: (972)-8-934-3432 | tal.ilani (at) weizmann.ac.il

Yael Mutsafi

Yael Mutsafi: Yael was born and raised in Arad. Her PhD was about giant viruses that feast on amoebas. She joined the Fass lab for a postdoc in 2013. She is happily married to Daniel and is the mother of Nadav.
T: (972)-8-934-3432 | yael.mutsafi (at) weizmann.ac.il

Shai Biran

Shai Biran: Shai was born not far from the Weizmann institute in 1980. He did his B.Sc and M.Sc at the Tel Aviv University, and has moved to the Weizmann for his PhD in 2009. He is happily married to Anat and is the proud father of Lihi. Shai spends his off time reading, watching TV and is a hobbyist carpenter.
T: (972)-8-934-3745 | shai.biran (at) weizmann.ac.il

Iris Grossman

Iris Grossman: Iris was born in 1985 in Haifa. She spent the summer of 2009 at the Fass lab and decided to return for an M.Sc and stay for a PhD. She likes kickboxing and brews her own beer, branded "BEERIS". She is married to Hai and is the proud aunt of Uri.
T: (972)-8-934-3745 | iris.grossman (at) weizmann.ac.il

Yair Gat

Yair Gat: Yair was born in 1982. After his army service he spent a few years as an iron worker. Realizing that there is little interest or fame in welding he decided to study biology at Ben Gurion University. He joined the Fass lab on 2011 for his M.Sc and is now pursuing his PhD. He is our amazing MacGyver, a person who can really put 2 and 2 together...
T: (972)-8-934-3745 | yair.gat (at) weizmann.ac.il

Ben Horowitz

Ben Horowitz: Ben was born in 1982 in Kiryat Tivon. He did his B.Sc and M.Sc at the Technion Institute, and joined the Fass lab in 2012 for his PhD. He enjoys reading, watching TV, playing volleyball, and spending some quality time with his family. He is happily married to Noga.
T: (972)-8-934-3745 | ben.horowitz (at) weizmann.ac.il

Gadi Armony

Gadi Armony: Gadi was born in 1985 in Haifa. He studied chemistry and biology at the Hebrew university and joined the Fass lab for a M.Sc in 2012. With the time he has left he likes playing volleyball, Computer Games, Hiking and meeting friends & family. Gadi loves snowboarding so he try to make time for it every year.
T: (972)-8-934-3745 | gad.armony (at) weizmann.ac.il



Assaf Alon: assaf.alon (at) weizmann.ac.il
Maya Bar: maya.bar (at) mail.huji.ac.il
Alona Bar On (Ustinov): alona.ustinov (at) weizmann.ac.il
Einav Gross: einavg (at) ekmd.huji.ac.il
Motti Hakim: motahakim (at) gmail.com
Nimrod Heldman: nimrodh (at) mit.edu
konstantin kogan: konstantin.kogan (at) helsinki.fi
Keren Limor-Waisberg: kerenlw (at) weizmann.ac.il
Roy Sirkis: roy.sirkis (at) beeologics.com
Elvira Vitu: elvira.vitu (at) gmail.com


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