Thymio robot and Aseba programming environment

The Thymio robot is a small, inexpensive, preassembled educational robot developed at the EPFL, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne, by a team led by Francesco Mondada and now managed by the Mobsya Association. I worked most closely with the lead software developer Stéphane Magnenat of ETH, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Zurich.

Learning materials

I have written a tutorial on the Visual Programming Language (VPL) and a document with programming examples and projects using the Aseba textual language. They can be found on the Thymio teaching resources page.

There is a partial VPL tutorial and a VPL reference card in Hebrew.

Robotics projects in Scratch

I have written Scratch simulations of the Thymio robot and other robotics projects (Karel the robot, Valentino the robot, gear animations). See my Scratch page.

Tutorial on Euler Angles and Quaternions

See the Math page.


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