Scratch is a visual programming language that is very popular in educational contexts. This page contains Scratch projects in three areas: projects for learning mathematics, robotics projects and implementation of the algorithms in the Computer Science Unplugged projects.

For convenience, the links to our Scratch textbook are repeated here.

Scratch textbook

Implementation notes

I have adapted some of my projects for Scratch 2 and they can be found on the Scratch website. Search for "MotiB" or go directly to his profile.

Some projects have been implemented in BYOB, an extension of Scratch. BYOB has been replaced by SNAP!, but I have not adapted the programs to this system.

Scratch projects for learning mathematics

This archive contains two projects: one is a project for learning about triangles and their measurements (lengths and angles) and a game for learning arithmetic.

Computer Science Unplugged

Computer Science Unplugged is a set of activities designed to introduce young people to computer science using entertaining dramatizations instead of a computer. These projects in this archive test the capabilities of Scratch by implementing the algorithms in the CS Unplugged activities.


Karel the Robot

These programs in this archive provide a framework for implementing Karel the Robot programs in Scratch. See: Richard E. Pattis. Karel The Robot: A Gentle Introduction to the Art of Programming. 1981.

The programs are:

  1. construct a Karel world that can be exported and used as the background of a Karel program.
  2. implementations of Karel instructions that do not correspond directly to Scratch instructions.
  3. Sample programs taken from the Karel book.
  4. The archive also contains an implementation in BYOB, an extension of Scratch that supports the definition of new blocks. This implementation is much simpler and cleaner than the Scratch implementation.
  5. The archive also contains an implementation in Scratch 2, but you can find them directly here at the Studio Robotics.

Valentino the Robot

The programs in this archive simulate some of Valentino Braitenberg's vehicles that are used to teach concepts of robotics. See: Valentino Braitenberg. Vehicles: Experiments in synthetic psychology, 1984.

The implementation is in BYOB. The archive also contains an implementation in Scratch 2, but you can find them directly here at the Studio Robotics.

LEGO WeDo projects

This archive contains three projects using the LEGO WeDo robotics kit that is intended for young children. In addition to the Scratch projects which are rather simple, each project in the archive contains a document (in both PDF and DOC formats) that describes the construction of the LEGO projects in detail together with numerous closeup photos.

Gear animations

This archive contains two projects. One has three animations of LEGO gears which the other asks random quizzes about gear ratios.

Simulations of the Thymio robot

See my robotics page.